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About Us

Application Specialists, a premier recruiting and search firm, specializes in sourcing talent for the computer technology marketplace. We have built a successful business with a reputation for providing an experienced, capable, qualified and tested C-level and technical workforce to major corporations in a variety of industries nationwide.

Drawing on experience gained by actually working in the information technology sector, we are uniquely qualified to understand and match the talent to the requirement. Our core competencies are in identifying talent in

·       Storage Area network (SAN)

·       Business analysts

·       Sustainability

·       Software development

·       Application design and implementation

·       Database management and database development (SQL, Oracle)

·       Web architect and web design (.net)

·       Internet applications management

·       Systems integration and systems administration

·       Network engineering & management (Microsoft, Linux, Unix)

·       Infrastructure management

·       Project management

·       Program management

·       Unified Communications (Avaya, Microsoft)

·       Technical sales

·       Consulting

 If you are an employer and the ideal candidate eludes you or you are reading too many job board resumes without identifying quality candidates, perhaps our professional network and a collaborative approach would better serve you in reducing the time invested to identify and hire that perfect candidate. We source, pre-screen, and qualify candidates and submit the "best" candidate, not the "next" candidate.

 If you are a job-seeker, Application Specialists provides resume creation or value-up your current resume and prepare you with interview coaching before you are submitted for the position that represents your next logical career progression, not just your next job.

Attention to detail, ingenuity, honesty, and tenacity, are the keys to our success.

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